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Tax Beneficiary

Website tax beneficiary page information

On this page, it takes specific user role-based information, this information will be displayed on the tax beneficiary page on the live website.

You must first select the role name to add or update user role-based information. After this, you can add information. Here you can see only the roles that you have previously defined.

Short Description of the form:

  • Hero section tittle: You must give a role specification title.
  • Hero section sub-tittle: You must give some text in an introduction specification.
  • Hero section image: You must give a photo for this section
  • Section 1 and Section 2 work process is almost same.
    • Each of these two sections will require one heading tittle.
    • Each of these two categories will require descriptive information.
    • Each of these two sections will require two photos to make it attractive.
  • Work Process Section(Title): Each role has a descriptive section of how the user works, which requires a title.
  • Work Process section(Add Description):Details of how the user works for each role can be added here.

Here you can see the changes.