Backend Installation Process

  • Step 1

    First of all, you need to deploy the backend in your Domain or Subdomain. But we recommend subdomain actually. For example,
    Now you need to zip the taxstick-backend file.
  • Step 2

    Then you have to go to your file manager of your server panel or cPanel, then upload the file.
  • Step 3

    Then Unzip the file,
  • Step 4

    Open your terminal and enter sudo yarn command and hit enter,
  • Step 5

    Now you can see the uploaded files And You can see node_modules.
  • Step 6

    Then you can find the Website button on the sidebar and click on it.
  • Step 7

    Then you can find the Node Project button on the top and click on it. Then click add node project button
  • Step 8

    Then click the pointed button,
    • to select your folder path,
    • fill up the Name, (do not give line space in the name, use underscore)
    • select Run opt,
    • select the port,
    • select node version,
    • and give your domain name
    Then click on confirm button. Make sure all information is correct.
  • Step 9

    Then click the file and right-click on your mouse, then you can get a new window
  • Step 10

    Then Click SSL, then select two checkboxes and apply them
  • Step 11

    Then you can see on the top of the window a Force HTTPS switch, please click it on
Now your backend project is ready to use. Please copy your subdomain URL to run your frontend project. For example,